OEM Trunk (NB)
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OEM Trunk (NB)

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Developed by CarbonMiata

This carbon fiber trunk replaces the Miata OEM metal trunk. Made with high quality carbon fiber, it only weighs 3.2 KG (7 Pounds) against 7.2 Kg (15 Pounds) for the OEM one.


– 3K Carbon Fibre 1×1 twill (Made in Japan)

– 240g+450g Carbon Fibre/Carbon Kevlar manufactured using vacuum bag process

– 45 degree weaving

– Anti-UV gloss clear coating for a long lasting shine and protection

This item is considered as bulky by the express companies so it can take more time to be delivered to you

Additional information

Weight 8,5 kg
Dimensions 110 × 65 × 22 cm



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