Macan Body Kit (turbo Type)
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Macan Body Kit (turbo Type)

 2'500.00 VAT Included

All New Macan Complete Upgrade Conversion to Turbo/GTS Type

Ultimate Upgrade Macan Conversion for the base model

This complete ultimate body kit makes your vehicle more desirable thus increasing it’s value considerably

The kit adds aerodynamics to your vehicle for better performance and less drag

Super OEM fitment makes it a perfect fit for your vehicle

The kit is made from ABS polypropylene that’s heat and impact resistant

ABS plastic is most commonly used for body parts by auto manufacturers. It is lighter than PU and can easily be painted keeping your budget lower than the process for PU.  It is also much stronger and more durable than the cheaper fiber glass materials.

The kit includes:

17 pieces exterior body kit (all brackets and attachments included).

Fiber reinforced plastic.

If you need only the rears or front, one side or one piece, shoot us an email:

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Additional information

Dimensions 180 × 70 × 75 cm

Glossy, Matte


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