Cayenne Interior Panels (958)
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Cayenne Interior Panels (958)

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Either in Glossy or Matte finish, this set of full carbon fiber trims will greatly compliment your car.

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This extra light carbon fiber cover precisely fits on top of the OEM panels with pre-cut adhesive 3M pads.

Made with high quality carbon fiber, it is coated for a long lasting shiny  and scratch resistant effect.


– 3K Carbon Fibre 1×1 twill (Made in Japan)

– 240g+450g Carbon Fibre manufactured using vacuum bags

– 45 degree weaving

– Anti-UV gloss clear coating for a long lasting shine and protection

Available in Carbon Fiber (CF) only. You may choose between Glossy and Matte finish.

This is the complete set of 9 (nine) parts. Should you need only a single element, please contact us for pricing.

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Glossy, Matte


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