3 Series Steering Wheel (Leather)
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  • 低配圆款翻毛皮单色
  • 低配圆款黑皮3色【打孔款】
  • 低配圆款黑皮3色+翻毛皮【打孔款】
  • 低配平底款翻毛皮单红
  • 低配平底款黑皮3色+翻毛皮【打孔款】
  • 高配平底款翻毛皮单红
  • 高配平底款黑皮3色+翻毛皮【打孔款】

3 Series Steering Wheel (Leather)

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These leather steering wheels are a direct bolt on on your 3 Series

They are perfect to enhance the interior of your car. They’re made with high quality full carbon fiber (no backing material used whatsoever) and they allow you to keep both the airbag and the steering wheel controls, for an easy and quick installation.

Installation Time : 10 Min.

Installation Level : Novice

Contact us directly, for your desired color.


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